Illustration for article titled PCH, Not Responsible For Your Actions Edition: TVR Vixen or Homebrewed Single-Seat Commuter?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Sometimes you need to decide between sportiness and practicality with your project.


Fortunately, that kind of painful decision doesn't really come into play here, because we've got a couple of projects that will take you well outside the realm of what the normals would consider real cars. Dive right in, the fuming nitric acid is fine!

Do you want an innovative single-seat commuter vehicle that runs on biodiesel and gives you roll-cage safety? The kind of car that tells the world you not only march to a different drummer, you've pushed all drummers into a deep pit with spikes in the bottom? If so, we've got the project for you! It's a homemade, VW turbodiesel-powered, fully caged machine, a testimonial in steel to the glory of Pick Your Part's monthly Half Price Day sales. Where to start describing this creation? The side-mounted radiator? The tempered-glass windshield? "Lots of Heim joints"? You'll find plenty more info here. Although the project has two years of work invested, it has been driven only once, for "about a mile." Thanks to Hiroshima Built My Hotrod for the tip!

Commuter vehicle? Bah! The way the economy is going, the only thing you'll be commuting to is Lord Humungus' office, so you might as well grab a few nonlethal automotive thrills now before you find yourself operating the quad-speargun turret on a Holden Kingswood. Wait, did I say "nonlethal?" Let's substitute "possibly nonlethal" here, because this TVR Vixen appears to have a murderous gleam in its eye. A right-hand-drive, fresh-off-the-boat, fiberglass-bodied, built-in-a-Blackpool-shed British sports car with Ford Kent power? Sounds good to us! I'm unable to read the description without extreme mental agony, because it's written in classic EBAY CAPS LOCK STYLE, IN HUGE BLUE TEXT, WITH RANDOM PUNCTUATION, but it appears to be in non-running condition. It's possible that most or even all the parts are present, including a "NEW REAR WINDOW STILL WITH THE PROTECTIVE WRAP," so your only task will be to make everything work. Shouldn't be much harder than fixing up a '74 Valiant, right?

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