PCH, Kit Car Edition: Fieroborghini or Bradley GT?

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With the unregisterable JDM WRX pounding the daylights out of the turbocharged SE-R in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, you'd think we'd find a couple of nice Japanese cars for you. A couple of sweet deals on, say, an AE86 that was only driven to church on Sundays and a fully restorable Fairlady. You'd also think that bolts never cross-thread, circuits never short, and mushrooms never grow on car carpeting! No, this is Hell, where you take what you're given, and today you're given kit cars!


We've seen a few Fiero-based machines here, so you all know that the mid-engine design and plastic body spurred the creation of numerous Fiero-based kits. None reach quite so high, however, as this Fieroborghini, now standing with a top bid of just $4450. This one is a bit longer than your usual Fiero kit car, because the frame has been stretched. Sure hope those welds are good! It's got a Top Gun body kit, with the bonus of some work by a "fiberglass guy" applied to its flanks. Sadly, it still has the original GM six-banger, but small-block swappage is a tried-and-true route to Fiero power, not to mention the possibility of a Cadillac 4.9 upgrade. Supposedly this project comes with all the bits and pieces. Supposedly. But imagine howling down the boulevard in what looks for all the world like a for-real Lambo! In fact, with the right engine it could be just as fast as the real thing (though perhaps the Fiero suspension, brakes, chassis strength, etc. might make it a bit less safe at high speed... just a bit, though).

However, you might prefer your kit car to be a classic, from the era when kit cars were built on the ol' bulletproof Volkswagen pan. If so, feast your eyes on this fine Bradley GT, which is so vintage that the seller doesn't even know its year. Oh, sure, there's no paperwork of any sort, but they're sure to be quite understanding about that down at the DMV (hmmm... did VW even stamp VINs on the pan?). There's no engine, but that just means you won't have to dispose of the old sputtery 1300 when you want to spin the four mounting bolts on a hairy-ass Type 4 in your Bradley. Think of it: 150 eyeball-flattening horses in a flyweight fiberglass machine; even a V8 Fieroborghini might be hard-pressed to beat it in a drag race! Don't worry about the Deadly Oversteer Potential, buddy- a driver with your skills will find a way to keep this beast safe at any speed! The body on this Bradley looks to be more or less intact, though who knows what ravages have been wrought by decades of Arizona sun?

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I bet those stock 300ZX headlights are worth more than the entire kit. That Bradley looks like one of those plastic kiddie pedal cars found in an abandoned Chinese theme park (I've seen one before, it's pretty dire).

@yellofury: Methinks one of those are a bit more pricey than both of these hunks of 'glass, combined.