PCH, Fiberglass Itch Edition: Kellison Astra or Renault Plein Air?

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Now that we've established that 70% of you would prefer to hook up at the Beelzebub Acres Mobile Estates Park with a 1951 Cadillac-based motorhome, you'll need a lightweight machine to tow behind the rig (since it's likely that your V8 Vega or Pinto will end up on fire in a ditch and thus be unavailable for transportation). But there will be no sensible Samurai or mundane Metro for you. Oh no, not in Project Car hell- you'll need something agonizingly cool yet coolly agonizing to go with your Caddabago...


Kellison Motors made some pretty interesting cars in the 1960s, fiberglass sports-car bodies fitted with the customer's choice in drivetrains. The J-5 had a loony power-to-weight ratio with just about any engine you could find, and you can have this 1963 example for peanuts (high bid at the time of this writing is only $550). Of course, for that kind of price you figure there might be some, you know, issues. I think it's all summed up by the seller's statement "Someone started doing very poor work on It causing a little extra work on it but not ruining it." It's built on a Chevy Luv frame, complete with Isuzu engine, so you might consider upgrading, well, all of it. Some of the unique Kellison bits are long gone, and of course the fiberglass looks, well, not quite pristine. A project this sweet doesn't come along every day, but the seller is forced to let it go for financial reasons. His loss is your nightmare gain!

The Plein Air version of the Renault 4 was pretty cool, no doubt about it. Just the thing for cruising the beach in the South of France- no doors, simple convertible top, light weight so it won't sink in the sand. Why, the Caddabago wouldn't even notice the drag caused by a Plein Air being towed! And you'd think it would be impossible to find one in the United States, but stop the presses- we just spotted this 1964 Renault R4 Plein Air replica, available for just two grand. The seller doesn't explain who made the replica nor when it was made, though we suspect it's the Sinpar version in the link above. In any case, it's got front-wheel-drive and a four-speed. The seller doesn't mention running condition, so we figure there's a big negatory on that question, and the whole thing is "scruffy looking" (probable translation: total basket case requiring major fiberglass work and fabrication of impossible-to-obtain French components). But the seller wants you to know it's "Seriously for sale," so you gotta figure you really can't go wrong here.


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No Kids Just Bikes

The Kellison is downright mean looking from the front!

If it weren't fiberglass I think it would be an appropriate post-apocalyptic means of transport. Of course, one of the headlights on each side would have to be replaced with a machine gun.