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Since so many of you backed away in confusion from the unknown torments of Australian Hell Projects yesterday, we'll return to good ol' stick-to-your-ribs familiar machinery. Cars that we trust like old friends... old friends who borrow money and squander it on Night Train and cheap hookers, that is. Yes indeed, there are no flames quite as hot as those that await you in Italian Car Hell!


You want an affordable mid-engined handling machine, yet want something with a bit more style than a Fiero or MR2? Don't forget the Fiat X-1/9! They weren't so quick in factory form, but when you start with this '74 with targa roof, priced at just 800 bucks, you'll have plenty of cash left over to add a few ponies to the engine. Don't listen to the skeptics who will try to harsh your mellow by pointing out that the Yugo has essentially the same powerplant- hey, if you can add turbocharging to a Yugo... This seller is highly motivated, since he or she doesn't have a job. Not only that, this car is being sold at "a huge loss"- a first for Fiat ownership, we're sure! Supposedly all it needs to be in top shape is a new master cylinder, although the photographs seem to indicate a bit of body and interior roughness.

Inspired by the 24 Hours of LeMons awesomeness of the Alfetta, we did some shopping for one to place in Team Jalopnik's stable of future race cars. However, we didn't find one- we found two! We love Hell Package Deals, and here's a real winner: two '76 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedans for $800. That's two hundred bucks cheaper than one X-1/9! The seller is pretty honest about what you get: one engine (a V6), one set of wheels, and more than one car's worth of parts between them. The red one has been raced, so it's on the battered side, but we're sure you could make the blue one into a real looker with the application of what car sellers refer as "TLC" (translation: vast amounts of money and time).

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