PCH, Cheap Ferrari Edition: 365 or 308GTS Plus Bonus Esprit?

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Sometimes you need to ask yourself: How bad do I need a Ferrari? Actually, in Project Car Hell, the question goes: How bad can a Ferrari project be? Either way, the problem with Ferraris is that most of them are so expensive that you're spared the torment of actually owning one... that is, until now. We've managed to round up a couple of Ferrari deals that cost less than most Fiero-based Ferrari-influenced kit cars, and one of them even comes with a bonus Lotus Esprit!


See the car in the video above? That could be you behind the wheel, and all you need to get started is $2,500! Whoa, that must be a typo, right? Two-and-a-half grand for a Ferrari 365? I'm crapping you negative here, folks; just take a squint at this here genuine 1969 Ferrari 365 (go here if the ad disappears) and tell me you can't afford a vintage Ferrari! Now, don't think you can hop right in this car and roar off in a cloud of V12 noise and glory, because there's no V12. Matter of fact, there's no car in front of the firewall. You'll need to chase down a few bits and pieces here and there, no way around it. You could track down genuine Ferrari stuff, but that wouldn't be in keeping with the Cheap Ferrari theme; why not just graft on the front part of a Fiero chassis, then install Fierrari kit-car body parts on the front? For the engine, why, there's no rule that says you need a Ferrari V12, is there? For just a grand, you could grab this 5-liter BMW V12, which is bigger and more powerful than the original engine anyway. See, a little TLC and some backyard ingenuity and you'll have your 365 on the road in no time!

Now, it's going to be tough to resist a classic Ferrari at a price like that. That's why you need a deal with a sweetener thrown in. Say, this 1985 Ferrari 308GTS and 1994 Lotus Esprit 2-for-1 combo (go here if the ad disappears), with a price tag well below Fierrari (or even Fieroborghini) levels. Yes, just $6,800 for both cars, folks! That way you can start work on the Lotus as soon as you're done with the Ferrari- hey, how long could that take? The seller's photographs convey the gist of what you're getting with the Esprit (which lacks a drivetrain), but for some reason he or she decided to photograph only 3% of the surface area of the Ferrari (and some ominously trashed-looking surface area at that). We do know that the 308 needs "work and a windshield," but you can probably assume there's an engine of some sort included in the deal (perhaps some or all of the rods are still attached to the crank, rather than lying in the bottom of the oil pan). Oh, and they have no titles (but we're sure the DMV will be quite understanding about helping you out with the paperwork on a pair of the most notorious coke-dealer cars ever sold).

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Raphael Orlove

@Vintage Racer: And there I was praying it was a 904/6. A thousand curses!