Paul Walker Tribute Car Meet Devolves Into Chaos, Security Guard Assaulted, Cars Towed

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Screenshot: CHRIS MONEY (YouTube)

A meetup of California car enthusiasts intended to be a tribute to Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker held last night quickly developed into a scene of chaos, with videos from the event showing crowds ripping burnouts, jumping on a security truck, assaulting a security guard and police boxing in the parking lot.


The meetup appears to have ended up in the parking lot of a Best Buy, and also the lot of a Home Depot in West Covina, a city in Los Angeles County, California. Videos from the event show cars doing burnouts and leaving streaks of fire behind, people jumping on the hood of a security truck and kicking in the windshield, and an altercation between the guard and several members of the crowd.

A bunch of videos show an altercation that started with shoving between the security guard and a member of the crowd, which quickly developed into punches being thrown before other crowd members stepped in to break up the fight. The security guard then gets back in the damaged truck amid chants from the crowd to “tip it” before others yell back for them to “chill out.”

Here’s another look at the crowd shoving the guard around:

And here’s another posted via the 818_1320 account on Instagram. A quick search of the local news outlets and a scan of the local police social media accounts don’t mention anything about the meetup, but we’ve reached out to the police department and will update if we hear anything.

A video posted to Instagram also appears to show some of the cars in attendance of the Walker tribute event being towed sometime after the police cleared everybody out. You can see the moment police arrived in the video below:

Walker, best known for his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast and the Furious movies, died when the Porsche Carrera GT he was riding as a passenger in collided with a pole and caught fire in November of 2013. His last movie appearance in the seventh Fast and the Furious movie was completed and released posthumously using computer effects coupled with his brothers stepping in to complete his scenes. More recently, a new documentary titled I Am Paul Walker released last month documents the actor’s life and rise to fame, which curiously ignored Walker’s relationships with underage girls.


Anyway, do better than this, car enthusiasts.

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“Enthusiasts”, I prefer to call them “douchebags”.