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Patrick Dempsey to Drive Indy 500 Pace Car

Patrick Dempsey's finest hour as an actor may not have been playing Mike Damone on the short-lived TV version of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Likewise, it probably wasn't playing the randy teen gigolo Randy Bodek in the Movie "Loverboy," in which he both bedded Barbara Carrera and fled from angry husband Vic Tayback (in a superbad toupee). But these days, skies are brightening. Dempsey's got a career-defining role as Dr. "Mc Dreamy" on the insipid but profitable "Grey's Anatomy" and he's spending off-camera time racing in Panoz GT and Pro Miata series and and Baja 1000. He's also playing the co-owner role for IndyCar team Vision Racing. Next week, he's driving the pace car — a Corvette Convertible — for the 2007 Indy 500. I guess even Frankie Muniz deserves a role model.

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Favorite 500 memory:

Went as a (I thought) hard partying 22 year old... drank all night outside the track. Gates opened at 5 am, we drove in and parked in the infield, drunk and hung-over and needing a nap all at once...

Then we noticed the guys next to us. All 4 of them easily over 50 years old, frying eggs on a coleman stove and drinking shots of Jack Daniels. "Welcome to the 500, ladies!" they yelled at us... and we knew they were right. Awesome.