Parking Lot Racing Is Actually Fun To Watch When The Cars Are This Dumb

Motor Trend’s YouTube show “Roadkill” has been a consistently excellent source of automotive idiocy for years. In 49 episodes they’ve lived many our jalopy dreams by putting monster engines in weird cars and using a Sawzall with extreme prejudice. Now we get to see their terrible fleet together in a ten-car showdown!

For fans familiar with the lineup or anybody who wants to watch a whole lot of YouTube this afternoon, MT breaks down the whole cast of cars:

“The cars in this episode are the NAScarlo from Episode 46; the Mazdarati from Episode 45; the Raunchero from Episodes 2, 13, 14, 25, and 32; the Crop Duster from Episode 40 and Roadkill Garage Episode 2; Stubby Bob from Episode 44; Harry from Episode 48; the Muscle Truck from Episodes 18, 28, and 38; General Maintenance [I think they meant General Mayhem?] from Episodes 43 and 47; the Draguar from 7, 41, and 47; and the Vette Kart from 35 and 47.”

There’s also a special guest appearance by a Kia Rio5, because how else do you benchmark a yard full of rusty miscreants?

A little autocross-style cone course is set up, and Roadkill hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan both run a lap in each “car” and hilarity ensues. Actually, some of these things look righteous with no irony whatsoever. There’s something magical about that four-door tow truck creaking around cones though.


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I officially like Roadkill more than Top Gear (in any form). Not only are the host characters, but the cars themselves are characters. I guess TG had lovable cars too, but they were usually just goofy for the sake of being goofy.