Parked Humvee That 'Came Out Of Gear' Rolls Into Crowd At Long Island Bacon Festival

One woman was seriously injured after a U.S. Army Reserve Humvee rolled down a hill and into a crowd at the Long Island Bacon Bash on Saturday evening, according to Newsday. Police said the Humvee, an attraction at the festival, was parked, before it “came out of gear,” going down an embankment and pinning the woman against a food truck.

The Humvee traveled about 30 feet, according to the New York Daily News, injuring four people in total, including a man inside the food truck who was severely burned by hot oil.

From Newsday:

A Coram couple who allowed their 5-year-old son to sit in the Humvee was stunned when, a few minutes later, the vehicle started moving, sending onlookers scrambling and screaming.

Jeremy Araujo said the Humvee’s powerful engine wasn’t running and he examined the wheels to make sure they were secure before letting his son, Jaxson, climb on.

“There was a bunch of kids in it, and it looked sound and safe,” Araujo, 36, said. “Then we’re leaving and we’re about 20 feet away, and there was a loud commotion and people screaming.”


The injured woman, who was rushed to the hospital with serious arm and leg injuries, was identified as 46-year-old Suzette Lamonica, of Brookhaven, New York.

The festival, scheduled to run until 10 p.m., was shut down after the incident, while the Humvee was impounded.

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I love a Touch-A-Truck as much as anyone, but this is always first thing on my mind whenever I bring my kids. Knowing how I was growing up (and still am), my kids are exactly the same in that they have to touch every single button and play with every lever.

A military spec Humvee wouldn’t have an ignition lockout on the shifter, if it’s even an automatic. Any kid could knock the shifter into neutral and release a parking brake.

ANY vehicle parked with the intent of letting kids crawl around it needs a set of wheel chocks, not just the key removed.