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Last night, while enjoying the marvelous food coupled with terrible service French restaurants are known for, Spinelli exclaimed, "Look! There's that Fiat concept!" We grabbed our camera and sprinted down the street chasing the Oltre Fiat, which debuted at the Bologna Auto Show last December. Fortunately for the not-exactly-Carl-Lewis-esque us, the big lug was being held up by a group of guys in white hoodies attempting to hustle an out-of-commission Fiat 500 down the narrow Paris street. Lo and behold, we'd yet again stumbled across the "500 Wants You" crew, a group of boys and girls travelling around Paris drumming up hype for the new Cinquecento, which debuts precisely a year from today.

The procession of all Fiats great and small turned a corner and then rounded another bend into an even narrower street, where they began attempting to diagnose the issue. We asked a pretty blonde what the problem was. "I don't know. Maybe the battery," she shrugged. "It is an old car."

"And Italian," we didn't add.

The boys eventually got the diminutive classic push-started, and everyone piled back into their respective vehicles and drove off, but not before the pretty blonde girl tied a promotional bracelet around our wrist. Ah, Paris. [Gallery]


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