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Oh, now THAT'S hawt. Paris Hilton's reportedly lending her name —and that of a famous Ibiza dance party — to a motorcycle racing team. Considering Spain and motorcycle racing are BFFs, this may not be the worst idea ever.

Hilton will affix her mark, and all that implies, to Spain's Honda BQR team — which will adopt the appellation SuperMartxé (super mar-chay) VIP by Paris Hilton. SuperMartxé, if you weren't yet aware, is a spectacular bash held at Ibiza's giant Privilege club, where clubbers cavort with aerial acts, strippers, go-go dancers and wandering dwarves. Once I did a bunch of ecstasy there with Pinko, Smokey and Ashcan and we ended up at an after-hours club where James Franco was eating olives and Jamón Ibérico from the nape of La La Vasquez's neck. Except none of that actually happened.


BQR competed in the 125cc and Moto2 classes during the 2010 season. VisorDown reports that BQR currently comprises three-time 125 race winner, Sergio Gadea and rookie Maverick Viñales, who took the 2010 Spanish and European 125cc championships. The team also counts chief mechanic Rossano Brazzi, who was six-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi's 125cc guru, among its technical staff.

For 2012, the two-stroke 125cc class will adopt 250cc engines of the four-stroke variety. The more strokes, naturally, the better. [Photo: Getty Images]

More at VisorDown.

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