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One of us remembers that time when our parents were out of town on vacation and we decided to cut loose. It was all going fine until we made the mistake of taking Dad's Porsche out for a ride and accidentally drove it into the river. Wait a second...maybe that was 'Risky Business' β€” we can't remember...all of the 80's was such a coke-induced haze anyway. The point is we know what it's like to accidentally get into trouble with someone else's car β€” just like Paris Hilton's cousin. Apparently, Brooke Ashley Brinson identified herself at the scene of an accident in Los Angeles as Paris Hilton's cousin β€” and she was driving a Mercedes registered to Hilton. According to the lawsuit obtained by our friends at TMZ:

"Traffic began to slow down and all vehicles came to a stop for traffic ahead...the defendant's car failed to stop, causing a chain collision involving four cars...and causing serious injuries"


The plaintiffs' shyster ambulance-chaser lawyer was quick to point out that he's just looking for "just compensation" for his clients and their bumped bumper β€” which is why he's looking for a quarter million for each plaintiff.

Paris Hilton Sued In Car Crash Case [TMZ]

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