Paris Hilton Pays $5,603 A Month For Her Lexus

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First of all, there's no way to leave this story feeling good, really. Sorry about that. So, apparently a whole cache of Paris Hilton's personal financial information was leaked online, and one of the voyeuristic treats in there was information about her car loan, through Toyota. I know you're probably thinking "that's for her Yaris, right?" but it's actually for her one-of-500 Lexus LFA supercar. Which seems to have started as a birthday present? A birthday present she's paying over five grand a month for.

I don't keep up too much with Ms.Hilton's doings, but it seems the car was a present from a boyfriend she's no longer with, and I assume some well-paid lawyers made an agreement for her to take over the payments or something. Who knows. The important thing here is the strange feeling you get in your stomach knowing that there's a person out there of colossal privilege who's paying much much more per month for an incredible supercar she'll never use to its potential than I pay for my house every month.


Though, in many ways, this leak is sort of perfect for an LFA owner like Paris Hilton. I don't really have anything against her, but let's face it, she's not likely to need a 202 mph supercar, um, ever. Honestly , not many people do. The whole point of her ownership of the car is to reinforce economic status, so this really is perfect. Now everyone knows, in hard numbers, that she's paying $5603/month for 60 months, and she still owes $214,384 on the car. There. Mission accomplished. Those specs are far more relvant than 552 HP and 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

Okay. I'm going to stare out my window and reflect on things now.