Owner Of Bisected Aventador Wants To Sell His Car Halves For Art

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Okay, time to pull out that folder in your file cabinet — the big gray one, not the little black one — labelled CARS, HALVED and find the printout of our story from 2013 about a Lamborghini Aventador that was split in half in a wreck. Well, it looks like things are finally settled, and the owner wants the two halves to become art.


We know this because Joseph Izzo, of J&B Body Works, the Westchester, NY high-end body shop that was working with the car’s owner, well, told us:

As of last week our customer has been given possession of both halves of the car. Due to insurance complications he is now keeping the car and is interested in trying to sell both pieces together as art.

I know most of us probably thought “an Aventador got split in half? That sounds like an afternoon’s repair. Probably plug in a couple of wiring connectors, and then it’s what, four bolts?” but that’s apparently not the case, like it is with some cars. Based on this, it would seem that re-joining the two ends of an Aventador might not even be practically (and safely?) possible if the insurance people and the owner are just giving up and the owner is leaving with a pair of car halves.

So, now comes the interesting part: the owner is looking to sell the Aventador slices “as art.” It’s not entirely clear what this means, as in is the owner planning a piece utilizing the half-bulls, or is he planning on selling it to an artist, to use as needed?

So this is where you come in — let’s brainstorm some possible half-Aventador art project/installation ideas. Like maybe making two vehicles, a fast one with the back half and maybe a motorcycle front end, like those VW trikes you see occasionally, and also a slow one with the front half of the Aventador mated to the rear half of a Fiat 126 or a Subaru 360.

Maybe stacked and pierced through with a massive steel toothpick and jammed into the ground, hors d’oeuvre style? Maybe forming the basis for a massive Aventador stretch-limo? Maybe rejoined, nose-to-ass? There’s so many possibilities.


Let’s see what we can come up with!

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