Own the only Buick Sunrise Racer in the history of man

The early '90s edition of the Buick Skylark contend for some of the least worthy vehicles ever to carry the Buick name. One Washington car builder has the answer to the question "What if GM had allowed a convertible?"

Dubbed the Sunrise Racer, the owner parting ways with his creation over eBay says the vehicle was his pitch to GM for an aftermarket convertible conversion, similar to how GM farmed out other convertible models. Starting with a '93 beak-nosed Skylark, the builder added a Pontiac Grand Am rear end and a removable hard top (covered in fabric so it resembles a true convertible) with a custom-designed rear glass shield.


The owner says after GM executives rejected his idea, the car served as a daily driver before being parked a few years. A restoration included a new fabric top and a color change:

Had I originally painted it black instead of yellow the outcome might have been completely different and many more might have been built-as it is really cool looking in black; although even in the yellow it turned a lot of heads and gained favorable comments.

The owner's willing to throw in the rejection letter from Cadillac, proving that even in their darkest days, Cadillac executives had limits, including the nautical-quality twisting enjoyed by the drivers of N-body GM products with their roofs cut off. All this history can be yours; as of today, the bidding price has yet to cross $900.


H/T to Richard!

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