Roadkill, a show about two guys with awesome taste for clapped out craigslist beaters and access to an expense account is selling one of its beloved workhorses, a 1973 GMC Suburban, dubbed "Macho Grande".

The truck was used in episode 8 and episode 25, in which they autocrossed it against a Kia. It lost. The private owner lists the condition is lovingly described as "very used", and gives this somewhat detailed account:

The truck is a two-wheel-drive 3/4-ton with a 454 big-block engine and a TH400 automatic transmission. It runs and drives very well, with all the mechanical stuff functional. According to the previous owner, who had the Suburban for 20-plus years and used it daily, it has 350,000 miles on it, and the engine and trans were rebuilt long ago. The engine has an Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock Performer intake, and Tri-Y headers that are probably Thorleys. It has enough minor oil leaks to leave a drip the size of a quarter overnight and it smells like burning oil when you drive it because it's on the header. The exhaust is in really good shape. The truck has front and rear air that is cold, though the front fan only barely blows. The previous owner changed all the air-conditioning hoses front to back. The cruise control also works. Since I have had it, I've installed a new alternator, plug wires, plugs, radiator, and brake pads. It also has 33-inch Mickey Thompson ATZ radial tires with maybe 3,000 miles on them and lots of meat left. The most annoying thing is that it will kill the battery overnight if you leave it connected, and I have not been able to find the draw. It has a trailer hitch and a trailer brake controller, and you can see in the Roadkill episode that we used it to tow a '55 Chevy from Los Angeles to Oregon and back. The rear springs are saggy, but it works. We got 10 to 7 mpg towing. The interior is pretty torn up, but the door panels are good. The body is amazingly rust-free; you can see a little orange bleed-through in the photos, but it comes off with Comet and a scrubby sponge. There's no rot-through anywhere. The body does have a lot of little dents, which you can see in the photos. The paint is all original except a very old touch-up on the driver door. Overall, this is a great daily truck as-is, and could be made even better if the front a/c fan would blow hard. I'd drive this cross-country right now. The only reason I'm selling it is that the fleet is just too large and expensive to store.


I think it's a small price to pay for something that just oozes utility and character, even if you do have to take the hood off every once in a while. Check it out here.

(Hat Tip to BJohnson11)