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'Overland Rally Car' Is A Great Twist On The 'Safari Everything' Trend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Only A Roadtrip Away (YouTube)

Putting upsized tires and a little lift on sports cars has been A Thing for some time. You might have seen these luxury rally cars described as “safari builds.” This Porsche 924 could be classified as such, but it’s actually set up for camping and pushes the safari idea further into overlander territory in a cool way.

For those of you still struggling to understand the context: The “Safari 911” look, often associated with Leh Keen, really turned people on to the idea that sports cars and GTs could look strangely cool in off-road guise. Though you could trace the idea back to the early days of Baja racing; Peter Brock would be someone to look up there.


Overlanding as we know it, the idea of loading a vehicle up for long-distance car camping has effectively been around for as long as cars. But it’s enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years as people realize it’s a very inclusive and fun way to enjoy vehicles and the outdoors at the same time.

All this to say: The car that the aggressively cinematic YouTube channel Only A Roadtrip Away revolves around combines the “lifted Porsche” with “cars you can live in” in a cool way I haven’t really seen a lot of.

You can scrub through the first half of that video to get to bits about the car, but if you’re intrigued by the style this clip is presented in, check out the channel’s trailer:

I got some pretentious vibes from these videos initially, but after spending a little more time with them I think there might just be some cultural differences between Germany and California that made me feel that way.


Regardless, everything I looked at on the channel was remarkably well-shot and pretty to look at. Speaking of pretty, the 924 looks really good with a little lift and I love the creative cargo management solutions we’re looking at here. Maybe something like this is what I should do with my Z31.