Out-Of-Control Uber Slams Into Gas Pump And Explodes In A Fireball

An Uber passenger in Seattle had either the best or worst trip of her life, depending on how she feels about live re-enactments of action movies. That’s because the Nissan Xterra Uber the 40-year-old woman was riding in hit a car, lost control, and drove right through a gas pump, causing a massive fireball.


The surveillance video of the wreck really does look like something out of some crappy action movie:

Holy crap, right?

The 60-year-old Uber driver was unharmed, his passenger had minor injuries, and the 35-year-old driver of the Honda Accord that the Xterra hit had more severe injuries.

Komo News reports that witnesses on a bus saw the 2007 Xterra speeding down Holman Road near Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, then clip the Honda, after which the driver apparently tried to brake, but lost control, with some speculating a tire was blown.

For reasons still unclear, the SUV continued, at speed for at least two blocks, when it jumped a curb and headed into the Shell station, where it went between two gas pumps before impacting the third, causing the fireball and finally stopping the vehicle.

The driver did have a blood sample taken to determine if he was impaired, but no results have been released so far.

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Why do shitty drivers sign up for a job that requires nothing but driving?