Our friend’s orange Subaru WRX was stolen early this morning and we’re hoping that you can help us find it. Some of the unique features to this car include:

- Nissan Burnt Orange Paint

- 5 X 114 hub conversion (normally 5 X 100)

- Mistubishi Evo9 Recaro Seats

- 2013 STI Wheels

If anyone has any info on this car, please call 516-225-5175 or 516-448-7448. Thanks all.



I had a run-in with a burnt orange 2002 WRX on a highway in Long Island a few years back.

Going around the corner west bound on Northern State Pkwy at about 40.779894, -73.627763. I’m doing 74 in the middle lane and have no cars around me. I signal to move over to the left lane as there’s a car ahead of me going slower. Check mirrors and blind spots and start moving left. Suddenly I see an orange flash in the corner of my eye through the rear view mirror, swerve back over into the middle in time to see a burnt orange 2002 WRX doing at minimum 20 mph more than me flying into the lane I was signaling and merging into. Lucky I swerved because he nearly lost it as well. I hear his tires howling as he under steers and around the curve.

I’m pissed at this douche for nearly wrecking me on my daily commute. So I drop down to third to catch up (I’m in a regular old Impreza) and get his license plate.

He sees me doing this and flips me off, then aggressively brake checks me twice. My ABS activated both times. THEN, he starts throwing garbage out of this window at me. McDonalds bag, cup, napkins.

What a douche. If it was him that got his car stolen. KARMA