Our Crazy Russian Pals At Garage 54 Weld Two Ladas Together For Tandem Drifting

I’m sure you’ve all seen those amazing videos of highly-skilled drifters racing and drifting their cars around a track within inches of each other, right? It’s impressive. But what if you want to do this without the benefit of driving skill or a well-sorted car, or experience or anything like that? Then you can do what these loons did, and just weld two cars together.


By “these loons,” I of course mean the bonkers Russians at Garage 54, and by “cars” I mean two gloriously shitboxy Ladas.

Here, watch:

The snow and slush certainly helps with drifting, though the occasional wheel loss likely doesn’t, so much.

The manner the cars are welded together is, of course, of the usual Garage 54 quality: a bunch of metal tubes and wedges welded right to the body panels of both cars, with the same casual speed and lax attention to detail we’ve come to expect.

I should be clear that I don’t mean that as a dig; you have to be comfortable and skilled with your tools to slap something together like that, and, to their credit, have it actually work. A lot of stress was being placed on those welds during the course of this ridiculous experiment, and it’s worth noting that the cars did not rip apart.

I was kind of expecting one of them to go spinning off with most of the other car’s fenders attached, but that never happened. I’m impressed.

Shockingly, this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen someone try this. 

See? There’s still wonder left to be found in the world.

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Me: How many Ladas can you weld together?

Russian Pal: More than you can afford, pal.