Original General Lee Up For Auction, Time To Sell The Meth Lab

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There were roughly 300 authentic General Lee Chargers used in the original Dukes of Hazzard and we assume that, eventually, all the ones that aren't completely trashed will end up going for sale at an auction. And while everyone seems to have a story like "it was used in episode #76 in which Bo and Luke accidentally kill a hobo," there's only one original General Lee. The 01 of 01. The car from the original jump in the credits and the one to feature the famous "dual flag" design has been fully restored and can be yours if you've got a love of classic television cars and disposable income that you were probably just going to end up blowing on blackjack. Press release below.



St. Petersburg, Fla. (March 2008) - The duPont REGISTRY™: A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles celebrates its 23rd anniversary by offering the original General Lee car seen in the opening credits of "The Dukes of Hazzard." The restored car has been brought back to its original state though a few scars remain including a crack in the windshield incurred when it jumped a police cruiser during the opening credits.

"We feel privileged to have such an iconic car featured as part of our April issue," says Tom duPont, Publisher of the duPont REGISTRY™. "A total of 309 cars were utilized during the filming of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' but Lee 1 is the first, the original and 'The Classic'."

A 1969 Dodge Charger, Lee 1 is powered by a big block 383 engine and still retains many of its original parts thanks to meticulous restoration work which took 16 months to complete. Remnants from its celebrity days also remain: the original parking permit for Los Angeles Southwest College seen in the pilot episode, the label next to the VIN which reads "Lee 1", and the twin flags which are unique to the original Lee have all been preserved making this unique car priceless to collectors.

Restoration enthusiasts, luxury connoisseurs and Hazzard fans will all be thrilled to see the exclusive Lee 1 in the April issue of the duPont REGISTRY™: A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles which hits newsstands March 18. For more information about Lee 1, visitGeneralLeeEnterpirses.com.


[Source: duPont Registery]

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Actually, I thought the original story of its resurrection is pretty inspiring. To take something that Warner Brothers had thrown out, without realizing how famous it would be years later, and to bring it back to such a flawless condition is remarkable. It's not just another orange Dodge, it's the car that inspired every Jalop here as well as potential hoons worldwide.

Definitely deserves more than to languish in some rich bastard's heated garage. Hell, not even Jay Leno is worthy of keeping it. Put it in the Smithsonian next to the Spirit of St. Louis.