Because of their rare and desirable nature most 1969 Ford Boss 429 Mustangs have been transformed from track terrorizing beasts into high dollar perfectly restored show cars. Usually there is little left to indicate the gritty lives these cars led on the street and race track when they were new. Much to our amazement and delight this Wimbledon White Boss 429, currently listed on Ebay, is completely original and looks like it is still ready to race.

Ford produced 859 Boss 429s in 1969—the first of a two year model run for the model. To be more correct, it was actually a different company, Kar Kraft, that did final assembly on the cars. Ford was run thin with a variety of specialty projects, so they hired the Detroit company to fit the massive 429 V8 underneath the Mustangs hood. The modifications required were actually quite extensive and had Kar Kraft doing everything from widening shock towers to moving front suspension mounts in order make room for the big engine.

Although Ford conservatively claimed the 429 was good for 375 horsepower, it's actual output has always been thought to be a lot closer to 500hp. The result was a beast of a car that was more suited to the race track than the open road.
According to the seller, that is exactly where this particular Boss 429 spent it's life, racking up its 2219 original miles a quarter mile at a time. After the car was purchased new in 1969, it was immediately sent to TASCA Ford to be outfitted for drag racing. The car is documented to have been a fairly consistent 10.50 second 1/4 mile racer with a top speed of 118 MPH.

The past 42 years have only made this Boss 429—complete with period correct drag racing accessories—even rarer and more desirable. We wouldn't kick any Boss 429 out of the garage, but this one's originality and character make it especially drool worthy.

So far there aren't any takers on the auctions $185,000 opening bid, but there are still almost five days to go. It certainly isn't cheap, but we imagine finding out if this vintage Mustang can still knock off a 10 second 1/4 mile might be worth it.