Oregon Strip Club Opens Drive-Thru And Delivery Service

We’ve covered the recent invention of drive-thru swabbing for covid-19 testing, but one strip club in Oregon has taken things to a new level—they opened a drive-thru right through the stage so people can still come get a show.


Yes, the performers are wearing proper PPE.

The Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon has pivoted to serve food pickup and delivery service for drive-thru motorists and customers at home, which it started doing the day after it was ordered to close on March 16 over the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The only issue was people weren’t coming for the food. The draw of the business was obviously the performers on stage.

So Lucky Devil owner Shon Boulden decided to set up a big tent in the parking lot with a drive-thru stage, so customers could come pick up their food and still tip their favorite performer. Taking it one step further, Boulden also got the performers to start doing deliveries.

Here’s more from Reuters:

The club’s drive-through, promoted on social media with the hashtag “Food 2 Go-Go,” drew a steady stream of cars on Friday night. Motorized customers were directed into a large tent, where they were greeted from stages on both sides by pole-dancing women wearing sequined masks and gloves, and little else but nipple paisties, G-string bikini bottoms and stiletto boots.

The performances included throbbing music furnished by a D.J., stage lights, and prizes presented to customers at a safe distance by dancers using long plastic grabbers - like those used to pick up litter. Giveaways have included samples from a local cannabis dispensary and rolls of toilet paper.

One dancer, who goes by the stage name Karma Jane, performed on Friday night in a gas mask.


Hey, business is business. If there’s demand for people to come pick up their food from almost naked people in a parking lot tent—and pay $30 extra on top of the food price for it—then I say why stop when the epidemic cools down?

Though if I was a performer (who says I’m not?), I think PPE would be my daily uniform.

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They were calling it ‘Boober Eats’ until Uber threatened to sue. Not kidding.