Opel Meriva Pretending To Not Have Suicide Doors

Illustration for article titled Opel Meriva Pretending To Not Have Suicide Doors

The Opel Meriva has been spotted undergoing development in the run up to its expected debut in about a year. The Meriva, if you recall, is a compact MPV sporting "flexdoors," which, in the parlance of our times are really suicide doors — apparently including the word "suicide" in the name of any feature of a new car is a marketing faux pas. Who knew? The car seems to maintain most of the styling present in the concept we first saw at the Geneva Auto Show, though the accompanying booth professional is tragically nowhere to be seen in the spy photos.

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I wish that someone could come up with a better term than "suicide doors." Maybe then they would show up on more cars. How about "justifiable homicide doors?"