Online Boasting Leads Cops To Reckless Teen BMW Driver

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The parents of 19-year-old Canadian Vladimir Rigenco bought him a 2006 BMW M5 and, not surprisingly, bad things followed: 90 mph in a residential zone, bragging about it online, someone tipping off the cops, ticket, probation, no more driving.


It all started out like any other forum bragging, with young Vlad, feeling secure in the anonymity of the internet, he started a thread on and it ran like this:

Going 140 km/h on a 40 zone
The title says it all basically. Anyways, yesterday I was going back home during the day time after the GYM, and when I hit the street next to my house " Appleblosom dr" the zone there is 40 km/h, as soon as I turn into that street, I stopped the car, pressed the (M) button, DSC off, max short shift, and take off 1st gear ( 8000 RPM, switch) and so on... I hit 140 in like 6 or less seconds lol, some old guy was standing on the sidewalk tlaking to another guy, he had a pencil and a paper, he decides to run into my car to stop me, but I was too fast. Do you think he could tka emy liscence number ? lol I think I was too fast, I really doubt that. Though, I gotta admit, I cant stop racing with this car, beleive it or not, I killed a black E63 AMG Last week on Dufferin street. It was almost equal but in the end I had more power.

In case you were wrapped up in just how awesome this kid is at putting his foot onto the accelerator, in this post he's given the approximate time, location and description of events for wildly breaking the law and putting a whole lot of people's lives at risk. Doing 90 MPH in a 25 MPH residential zone is one of the most dangerous things you can do with two tons of car.

Obviously the forum rightly raked him over the coals for his stupidity and, despite initially trying to justify his actions, eventually Vlad realized how stupid he'd been. His real comeuppance came when one of the forum members reported his recklessness to Canada's York Regional Police, who investigated the incident and then arrested him just one month after the forum post. Vlad plead guilty to careless driving in court and was sentenced to six months driving prohibition, twelve months probation and a $1,000 fine.

Goofing off in cars is fun, but it's also dangerous. It's especially dangerous when you're an inexperienced driver behind the wheel of a 500 hp sports sedan. If you need to get your jollies, save it for the track. Putting other people's lives at risk is just stupid and irresponsible. Hopefully young Vlad here has learned his lesson. (Thanks for the tip Carey!)

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