One Wrong Move Gets This Lamborghini Wrecked And Its Driver Busted

A dashcam caught this Lamborghini Murcielago putting a little too much throttle in to thread a needle in traffic, and winding up off the road and at the mercy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


The Lambo might have been racing the Dodge Viper that appears tailing it down Highway 99 near Vancouver in this clip. But neither vehicle appears to be too egregiously reckless until the the Lamborghini spins out trying to squirt between cars.

Surrey RCMP Corporal Bert Paquet told CBC News the 27-year old driver and his 19-year old passenger (both of Edmonton) "are lucky to be okay." That driver was reportedly fined $700 for "unsafe passing, speeding, as well as driving without due care" along with an undoubtedly mega repair bill.

Hat tip to Brendan and Shawn!


Chris Clarke

I thinks its pretty clear that the most irresponsible drivers are those lounging in the left lane.