Here's One Way To Fix Those Annoying Scratches In Your Door Handles

Screenshot: AMMO NYC (YouTube)

You’d think car paint would be tougher than fingernails, but you’ve probably also seen these annoying scratches on the doorhandles of your cars. I know mine’s got some. Here are some tips on how to fix that.

This video from expert automotive details Larry Kosilla goes through a fairly simple way to repair some of these finger-scratches, and even goes into a demo on how to apply a clear film in the handle cup to keep these nicks from re-appearing.


You’ve got to watch to get the full rundown, but basically, Kosilla just washes it, really well, uses one well-lubricated cleaning pad for a first pass and another for a second.

You can use one of those soft “balls” you attach to the end of a drill, but be careful about putting too much stress on the old plastic of your door handle.

As always, you’re going to want to be really careful with any sort of scratch-removing chemical and pads because they are abrasives themselves, but Kosilla’s technique here seems really effective for nasty scratches that make your car look old.


MK6GTI-now with added Miata

Cool, but I want to see a video on how to stop people from smacking into my car in parking lots and leaving without leaving a note.

I have considered getting a truck and putting those heavy-ass steel bumpers on it for this reason alone.