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One Tesla Model S Has Gone Nearly 1 Million Miles And Needed Some Major Repairs

The Model S has been used as a Taxi in Germany for years

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP (Getty Images)

A Tesla owner in Germany may just have the record for highest-mileage Model S in the world. He recently rolled over 1.5 million kilometers (932,256 freedom miles if you live in the U.S.) in his Model S P85.

Getting to this number was no cheap feat for the owner. It’s been through quite a number of parts in its lifetime. The owner, Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg says the car is on at least its third battery. The first was replaced under warranty at about 180,000 miles. The second was replaced after about 93,000 additional miles before the third battery was installed. So far, the Model S has done more than 621,000 miles on that third battery.


That isn’t all. The car also needed four drive motors to reach over 900,000 miles. The P85 has only one drive motor on the real axle. That means three different drive motors have failed.

But how has this Tesla racked up so many miles? Well, the owner uses it as a taxi. He also chronicles his journeys on his very-German Twitter account.


According to InsideEVs, he reached the 900,000-kilometer (559,0000 mile) mark in July 2019. That means he has averaged about 150,000 miles annually since then. That works out to over 400 miles a day packing onto this Tesla’s odometer.

There are a few high-milage Model S’s trolling around the world right now, like this 425,000 mile example. But it’s safe to say the German car blows this one out of the water.

The owner has stayed mum on exactly how much the repairs have cost over the life of his Model S – perhaps because it would make no logical sense to pour this money into a car to keep it going, or perhaps because it isn’t our business.


So, while we may not know how much he’s paying for the privilege of driving a Model S nearly a million miles in less than ten years, we will certainly be able to follow along on his Twitter account.