While some might argue an old Volvo doesn't look quite right unless it has a little rust on it, we prefer the looks of this original 1972 1800E currently listed on Ebay.

Having said that, trying to find another car as well preserved as this one is somewhere between impossible and extremely impossible. For that reason we were blown away by this 1800E when we discovered it yesterday. The amount of well kept automotive survivors like this one just waiting to be discovered in the Northwest never ceases to amaze us.


Although it's currently for sale by a dealer this 1800E was owned by the person who bought it brand new in Springfield, OR until very recently. This car certainly has their 40 years of meticulous care combined with Oregon's unique climate and a life spent in the garage to thank for its excellent rust free condition.

The paint is showing its age and the leather interior has the same kind of wear you might find on " that leather chair at home you settle into with a glass of scotch, and a cigar" in the seller's words. Beyond these two issues, there isn't a whole lot else to indicate the fact this original two door Volvo is 40 years old.

Because of the car's impressive original condition we aren't the least bit surprised bidding has already reached $10,600 with two days left on the auction.



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