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Our cup overfloweth with SLR Guy entries. We can't justify running the ten best today with the poll as promised as we've received an additional 50 entries over on yesterday's post. Instead of finishing this thing off today we're going to give you the fifty additional entries that came in overnight — and the fortunes and glory tomorrow. Hit the jump for more madness.


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Mc... Laren

I'm in a McLaren

I'm taking my suitcase

Hey lookout mooooooooon...

Yeah a McLaren

into my douchebag place.

Goodbye, human race

I'll be there soooooooon.

Blast off!

For fun and adventure.

There's a fair adventure

hitting stoooooones.

Yeah, it's my way

on the ol' douche highway.

That's why they all say

"There goes SLR Jones!"


SLR Jones, Tonight's episode: Episode 16, The Creature From Douchebagestonia.