One of the worst custom Camaros we've ever seen crosses the auction block

This third generation Camaro probably looks awful wherever it's parked, but we imagine it looks particularly bad sitting between the rows of drool worthy cars at this weekend's Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas.

One look at the car and it isn't hard to see why. From the hideous wing, to the hideous paint job, to the hideous addition of Corvette rear bodywork, this car is an exercise in making bad car modification decisions. Amazingly the interior and the "blueprinted" L98 350 underneath the terribly painted hood appear to have been spared from the customizing genius of whoever created this monstrosity.


When it crossed the block very early Thursday, this terrible custom Camaro sold for $2970 before buyer's fees. In an environment where grossly overspending on cars is the norm, that is quite a statement, even on Thursday morning. We imagine it has been quite a while since Barrett-Jackson sold a car so cheap, or so terrible.



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