One Of Tesla's Nürburgring Cars Broke Down And Got Passed By A Porsche Taycan

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The Nürburgring is host to a very exciting (if very unofficial) pissing contest between Tesla and Porsche over whose four-door electric car is the fastest around the track, and the results are impressive. After Porsche set a very quick 7:42 second lap time, Tesla came back, with seemingly minimal planning, and set an astounding 7:23 (again, unofficial) lap time.

Being that fast, though, isn’t easy, which is why it’s really not shocking to see a video like this, one of Tesla’s cars disabled and getting towed off the track.

The cars Tesla brought to the ‘Ring are thought to be pre-production Model S P100D+ cars, with three motors (two at the rear axle, one up front) and capable of “Plaid” mode, a drive mode even faster than their “Ludicrous” speed mode, and, thankfully, still using the long-established Spaceballs speed-rating terminology.


Tesla’s cars also appear to have wide wheels and fender flares, modified, enlarged cooling air intakes, Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport RS tires, stuck-on lexan spoilers, and are (allegedly) stripped down inside, with a cage and much of the interior removed.


The point is, these are prototype vehicles, so something going wrong is hardly shocking. It happens to pretty much every company that tests at the Nürburgring. If a breakdown doesn’t get you, a wall might. It’s the entire point of testing out there.

That said, I’m sure Tesla isn’t happy that a Taycan did drive by while the disabled car was waiting to get towed off:

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Before I get more emails calling me names from Tesla fans and accusing me of sacrificing goats as part of my Masonic-Judaic-Atarian rites to harm Tesla and the Overwhelming Good they bring to mankind, let me just say I’m very impressed with what Tesla has done in so short a time, and they are very, very fast cars, full stop, no question.

Porsche has yet to try anything with the (still stupidly named) Taycan Turbo S, so we’re likely to see a lot more of this very soon.


A good rivalry is fun! Let’s all enjoy watching these two companies drop a ton of money to impress us. It’s like we’re all the prettiest people in the bar right now. Eat it up.