One More Benefit Of Owning A Pickup Truck: Your Own Little Ski Mountain

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Part of me sympathizes with this guy– I always wish I could take the mountain home with me after a day of skiing, too. But please don’t carry a car-size slab of snow onto the street. Even if it looks like a hilarious Pope hat on your vehicle.

The Weather Network says this jabroni was spotted at Powder Mountain in Utah, driving his Ram with what looks like an actual ski jump in the bed. It’s really funny looking, but, also pretty unsafe and annoying for whoever’s behind this dude on the road he appears to be heading down.


According to FEMA, snow actually has quite a range of weight– from “3 pounds per square foot for light, dry snow to 21 pounds per square foot for wet, heavy snow.” So it’s hard to say exactly how much punishment this truck’s suspension was enduring, but I’d be more concerned about the instability of the load than anything else.

Maybe this Ram was just bringing this jump down the parking lot for a Warren Miller video shoot. But if your car ever collects this much snow on its roof, do everybody a favor and knock it off before you get onto the road.

Hat tip to Paulo!

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