Photo credit: AP Images
Photo credit: AP Images

Cower in fear, for the moosepocalyse is upon us. One moose walking onto Interstate 86 in southeastern Idaho caused a three-vehicle collision, sending two people to the hospital, reports KBOI. That’s right: one single moose.

KBOI explains the chaos caused by just one moose wandering onto the freeway:

Idaho State Police say Kim Sortor, of Pocatello, had been heading west when she slammed into the moose.

A vehicle behind her, driven by Jaime Velasco, of Cedar City, Utah, had swerved to avoid the animal and slid off the highway.

Lashae Hamilton, of Springfield, had been driving a third westbound vehicle that struck the moose and then went off the right shoulder off the road.


This horrifying display of moosetruction happened east of American Falls on Monday morning.

While this moose did not survive, it’s a reminder to be ever vigilant on the roads. There are many, many more moose where this one came from, and they all want to crumple your car into a sad little ball with their big goofy horns and their large, brown butts. They’re even willing to sacrifice their own (delicious) lives to ensure that you’re unable to drive home.

Beware of moose. You’ve been warned.

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