One Million Mercedes-Benzes Recalled Because They May Catch Fire

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz
Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

After 51 fires were reported, Daimler AG made the decision to recall 1 million newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles before they become Car-B-Ques, reports Automotive News. A defective starter part has been named as the source of the car fires.


The fires have been happening when the engine doesn’t start. When a limiter in the starter motor overheats from too many attempts to start, it can melt nearby parts.

Affected cars include C-class, E-class, and CLA cars, plus the GLA and GLC trucks made between 2015 and 2017. You know what that means, finance brosephs: you should take the Porsche if the car doesn’t start right away. Oh, darn.

The U.S. recall, which includes 307,629 vehicles, will begin in July as soon as parts are available. American customers will begin receiving notifications in March. so keep an eye out if you have a newer Benz. Curiously, the number reported to U.S. regulators includes 40,000 more vehicles, per Automotive News.

Fortunately, no injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of the self-immolating Mercs. Thirty of the car flambés were reported from the United States, which is the third largest market in the world for Mercedes-Benz.

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