One Mazda Prototype, Needs Fuel Pump

Photo credit: Stef Schrader
Photo credit: Stef Schrader

This is how the No. 55 Mazda Prototype’s race went at Circuit of the Americas, as written by Craigslist.


Mazda racecar prototype. Ultra rare car. One of only a handful. Ran 190+ mph before parked.

Needs feul pomp. Rest of car not cursed by voodoo truck we swear.

Sits LOW and MEAN. Puts ur slow subaru to shame. Nu tires change lees than 1 day ago.

Only driven for special events. Full service recurds frm Mazda shop.

No lowballs, I know wat I have and its super fast car.

[The No. 55 Mazda Prototype retired from today’s race, unable to restart with a faulty fuel pump. Cars that only need a fuel pump also may be a Craigslist trope. Its sister No. 70 car actually finished in 4th place.]

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Because Racecar

But where is the classic “No tire kickers, don’t waist my time”???