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If you've ever watched or attended a NASCAR race, you have probably noticed that the diehard fans are an interesting bunch. That's why we almost weren't surprised that a woman in Michigan has been watching races with her dead friend for nearly two years.

Think about that for a second.

According to a report from MLive, 72 year old Linda Chase kept Charles William Zigler in a chair in her house to keep her company after he died. It could be the basis for a reboot of the Weekend at Bernie's franchise.


Even though she denies it, medical examiners have determined that Zigler died sometime around Christmas 2010. Police just discovered Zigler's mummified body in Chase's home.

Chase told MLive that Zigler was "the only guy who was ever nice to me." Chase kept him dressed and cleaned after he died. She spoke to him (he never really replied) and watched NASCAR races with him.

In addition to keeping the body, Chase says she had been signing Social Security checks with his name and cashing them. She says she asked if there's a way to pay back the checks she cashed, but believes she is probably going to prison.

Authorities are currently looking into possible charges that can be brought against Chase.


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