One Dead, Eight Injured In Italian Rally Crash

Screencap via Italia News
Screencap via Italia News

A car racing in the beloved Rallylegend event in Italy this past Sunday struck people standing in a spectator area adjacent to a stage, reports The Sun. One died and eight more were injured in the crash.

The No. 44 Renault Clio Maxi of Enrico Bonaso and codriver Alice Palazzi went straight on wet tarmac as Special Stage 1 turned. The crash was the result of driver error, reports Leggo. The edge of the turn itself was blocked off by hay bales, as you can see in the screencap above. 

Unfortunately, rally organizers allowed spectators to stand behind these hay bales, despite the obvious danger that a car could very easily go straight off-course at that sharp turn.


Fifty-seven-year-old spectator Harry Anselmino was killed instantly in the crash, reports The Sun. Three of the eight injured remain in life-threatening “code red” condition, according to La Gazetta dello Sport.

The rally was immediately ended to allow emergency crews to tend to the crash, per a Rallylegend statement.

[WARNING: Videos depict a crash where death and injury occurred]

Rallylegend is an event which features a mix of historic and modern-day rally cars, including current-day World Rally Championship entries as well as legendary Group B cars.


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This is awful for everyone involved and my heart goes out to the family of the victims.

But we seriously need some kind of instruction for spectators on where not to be during a race. If any of those cars fail to turn, for whatever reason, they will be hitting that spot at tremendous speed.