One Aston Martin's Fuel Pump Only Lasted Through The First Hairpin Of The Nürburgring 24

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It’s Craiglist’s favorite phrase beyond “no lowballers:” “needs fuel pump.” Unfortunately for the No. 40 Aston Martin Vantage V8, the first lap of the Nürburgring 24 Hours was a bit too true-to-Craigslist. A fuel pump problem brought their car to a halt at the first hairpin of the race.

Driver Johnny Adam was able to get the No. 40 car restarted shortly afterwards, but it forced him to the back of the 146-lap field right at the start. The team, uh, didn’t really want to talk about it.


Being in 137th place in a field where you’re sharing the track with the likes of the humble Opel Astra, Toyota Corolla Altis and older fare like BMW E36s and one glorious Opel Manta two laps in is, oof. We hope you like weeding through traffic, Johnny!

The 146-car race has continued as insanely as you’d expect, with the tough, tight Nürburgring already claiming a few cars in the wall, and with other offs.


Even drivers who know better not to pull any shenanigans this early in a 24-hour race—we’re looking at you, three-time Le Mans winner Marcel Fässler and Pass Of The Decade Guy Renger van der Zande—haven’t been immune from contact here.


Meanwhile, we’re off to go explore the insane campsites just off the track for a bit. Are any of you reading this from the Nürburgring right now? Tell us where you’re watching the race from, as we’d love to see your ridiculous camping setup.

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Those damn Lucas electronics. Always so sensitive about letting the blue smoke out.