Once Embarrassing Trump NASCAR Truck Is Now 'Victory Truck'

While many wallow in sadness about the election of a racist, sexist person into the highest U.S. office, there will be a celebratory livery on a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series entry next weekend. The Donald Trump liveries—yes, there have been several—have gone from embarrassing to very, very depressing.


During a campaign that eventually led Trump to becoming the president-elect, multiple NASCAR drivers and CEO Brian France all endorsed him. Given the sport’s efforts to bring in more minorities like its Drive for Diversity program, supporting a man who wants to build a “beautiful wall” between the U.S. and Mexico, among many other things, isn’t the best idea.

But enough people agreed with them. Here we are.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


Billy Milby

I’ve really had it up to hear with the political crap here lately, especially the opening sentence. You guys need to chill out and get in touch. I’ll be back in a few weeks when you guys hopefully give it a rest.