Brian Parme, Pramoda Ravi and Michael Pagano didn’t ask to be heroes.

But heroes are made, not born, and those three were made heroes—Legends of Speed, even—last night at Jalopnik’s annual “Are You Faster Than Jalopnik?” kart-a-palooza at Kart 2 Kart.

Those three respectively took home first, second and third place in our grand prix karting event after a couple qualifying rounds. Our ringer, Jalopnik and The Truth About Cars contributor Mark “Bark M.” Baruth, came in seventh out of 12. You Detroit locals are fast!

But an absolute blast was had by all. The event sold out quickly this year with some 80 registrants, plus their friends who came along for the ride. This is one of the best events we do all year, and this year’s was by far the very best yet.


And of course, because it was a Jalopnik party, the parking lot was just as good. Various WRXes, BRZs, assorted fast Golfs, a sweet old Opel wagon, both Focuses and Fiestas ST, David Tracy’s sketch-ass Jeep, our Tesla Model S 90D, a Porsche 944 we signed the dashboard of (thus ruining its resale value forever, sorry Carl) and many more sweet rides made it out.

Thanks so much for everyone who came out and hung out with us. As always, it was our pleasure meeting you guys. You continue to be the best readers in the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hit the classifieds for first-gen MR2s. More pics from the event coming later!

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