What kind of person goes through the trouble of filling out all that paperwork to get a personalized license plate that says “MIKEHUNT,” “HOTCOX,” or “H1TLER”? I do not know, but the state of New York—like many states—cannot abide such indecency! Here are a few banned license plates from the Empire State.

These come to us from the Albany Times-Union newspaper, which got them via a Freedom of Information Act request aimed at discovering whether the DMV keeps a list of banned plates.


Turns out the state has a “Red Guide,” which is a list of salacious plates that get automatically rejected.

Some of them are very, very silly. Others are a bit more serious, and like “H1TLER,” seem all but destined to get you into a fight with someone, especially in a state like New York where everyone is always yelling at each other.

Anyway, there’s more than 60 more of them at the Times-Union’s website, and you should go there and see them.

What’s your favorite banned license plate?


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