With the overwhelming popularity of 60s Camaros, you have to do something pretty extreme and out of the box to build a car that is unmistakably one of a kind. That is exactly what the builder of this unique F-body managed to do, turning a stock '68 Camaro into the Oldsmobile powered mid engine hatchback dubbed the "Cam-aero" seen here.

As you look at pictures of this unique car, it's clear that while the vehicle here started life as a Camaro, it is now something entirely different. After a few minutes of staring at this black beast we managed to indentify the original taillights on the car, and not much else.

The obvious longer, lower, and wider black body is just the beginning of the modifications on the Cam-aero. The top of the Chevrolet Lumina sourced roof is a mere 45 inches from the road. Where there was once a back seat and a trunk now resides a big block Oldsmobile 455 V8 hooked up to a Toronado transaxle. To access the engine, a hatch from a Chevy Monza was grafted into the Camaro body. A massive radiator and two large electric fans were put in place to keep the big block cool.

Not surprisingly the builder of this car had an extensive background in race car development and fabrication which came in handy over the four years it took to build this strange creation. Since the car was completed in the late 90s it participated in several Power Tours, was featured in Hot Rod and won awards everywhere it went.


According to the Ebay listing this "Cam-aero" is being sold by the family of the now deceased builder. It has been sitting for a while and needs a little paint work, but is otherwise ready to be driven and enjoyed. Bidding is currently a little over $25,000 with a day and a half left on the auction.

We imagine the reserve on this love it or hate it vehicle is quite a bit higher considering the amount of time and effort that was put into the car. Whatever this car eventually sells for, it will provide its new owner with the rare ability to say their '68 Camaro is truly one of a kind.

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