Ol' Shel's Bastard Sons: The Shelby Dodges

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Ah, the ignominious Eighties. Possibly the worst decade for cars since the Seventies, cars from the Greed Decade suffered from a lack of power, atrocious build-quality, and highly questionable and/or uninspired styling. Still, the manufacturers occasionally attempted to inject some fun into the vehicles. Case in point: Chrysler's hiring of Carroll Shelby to add a shot of git-up-'n'-git to their line of ho-hum compacts, including the Charger and Omni GLH (the GLH stands for "Goes Like Hell"). While not nearly as impressive as today's line of SRT-badged Mopars or the classic Mustangs and Cobras of yesterday, the Shelby Dodges nevertheless offered decent performance for the time. Check out all their questionable majesty.

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