Oklahoma Trooper Stops Hospital-Bound Ambulance, Assaults EMT

An Oklahoma State Trooper stopped an ambulance rushing a patient to hospital over a perceived failure to yield and ended up assaulting the EMT on board. New dash cam footage reveals the Trooper's view.


The incident happened on May 24 when Trooper Daniel Martin took exception to a "hand signal" the driver of the ambulance made as Martin passed it. When Martin eventually pulled the ambulance over, Maurice White hopped out of the back and attempted to reason with Martin, asking him to let them take the patient to hospital before Martin issued a ticket.

Click to viewAs clearly seen in the video, the situation quickly devolved into Martin assaulting White and threatening arrest. The arrest was never made, but Oklahoma police have informed White that he should be prepared to turn himself in should a warrant be issued for his arrest.

Throughout the incident, the female patient in the back seat can be heard screaming in either panic or pain, maybe both. Her husband captured the cell phone video of Martin assaulting White.

After these videos were shot, the ambulance was allowed to continue to the hospital, where it's driver received a written warning for failing to yield. Officer Martin is now on paid leave pending a disciplinary review.
[via Tulsa World]



There are two kinds of people in the U.S: the kind who obey an officer's instructions and the ones who don't—who yell, argue, disagree, and generally create disorder. Cops will not tolerate that. You are a danger to the cop and to everyone else if you don't settle down. The minute the EMT calmed down he was released.

"Assault" is a legal term and nothing legally has been decided about this, Wes. In fact, laying on hands is "battery" in most places.

The ambulance was not running lights and allegedly failed to yield. It was not an emergency. The woman was treated and released. Her husband was behaving in an obnoxious manner.

Right or wrong, don't DEFY cops.

How about showing this video, to balance things a bit?

It's even more car related only the cop gets murdered by two aholes at the end.