Okay Nobody Look At These McLaren BC-03 Pictures Because You're Not Supposed To See Them Yet

I need everyone to promise not to look at these pictures of McLaren’s new, very very limited-run (they’re making all of five of these things) BC-03 hypercar, because McLaren has yet to officially release them, so looking at them, with their bold surface graphics and two-tone color scheme with novel yellow color-piping, sinuous curves, and massive rear wing, would be wrong.

You can not look at these images on this Instagram post that leaked them:


I think I like not looking at the overhead view the best since it looks like some sort of strange sea creature.

The BC-03 is based on the McLaren Senna, but the BC-03 will reportedly have an adequate 1150 horsepower instead of the anemic 789 HP of the Senna, an amount that probably makes merging onto the freeway a painful, nervous experience.

The styling gets cues from McLaren’s Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept, and the resemblance is pretty clear, down to the paint scheme.

I like the Ben Day dot/fishscale-like graphic detailing on the car, which appears in the design of the engine heat extraction vents, too.


The rear end, with its massive wing and rear diffuser, is very striking, and the use of thin LED taillights along the trailing edge of the wings and the center support is a nice touch as well.


No pricing has been given so far, but it’s expected to be very affordable! Haha, no, no it isn’t. Your poor ass will never see one.

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