Ohio One-Seven Want Their Crown Vics Fire-Suppressed

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The union representing Ohio's state troopers has taken to pounding tables and calling out, "Thus, for the Albigensians!" Or, er, they're calling for fire-suppression systems on all of their patrol Crown Victorias, after a cruiser collided with a civilian vehicle and the roller's gas tank ruptured, leading to a fire that killed two officers and the driver of the truck they ran into. While the state has purchased two Vics with fire-suppression systems for evaluation purposes, the rest of the nigh-on thousand cars the law-enforcement agency uses daily go without active anti-flamb protection. A spokeswoman from Ford maintains that the vehicles are safe and that given the circumstances of the accident, the outcome wasn't unreasonable. The union, understandably, thinks otherwise.

Troopers union seeks cars with fire-suppression systems [Akron Beacon-Journal]

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