Oh No, Gas Is Getting Expensive Again

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You know how everyone has been losing their minds and buying SUVs, trucks and crossovers while gas has been cheap? And the people with a little bit of foresight have been yelling back, “WAIT UNTIL GAS PRICES GO UP!” Well, that moment is now, kids.

Perhaps it has escaped your notice, but gas prices have been on the rise lately. They are getting to a lofty point not seen in over three years, as CBS reports. Citing AAA, the outlet notes that in the last week alone, nationwide prices have risen an average of five cents, which makes it a 20-cent increase in the last month.


In place like Hawaii and California, the price for regular is nearing $3.70 a gallon.

Much of this is due to demand and a diminishing supply of crude oil, a AAA spokesperson told CBS, taking a moment to halfway blame you for getting a job this year:

“With the economy moving along as strongly as it is, there’s a lot more work, and with work, comes a lot more transportation. The price of gasoline is going up and we’re now at what is considered the pain point for many drivers.”


Unfortunately, gas is just one of the things that most Americans rely on to get to work. Public transportation isn’t always available. Carpooling is another option, but that requires schedules to align, which they don’t always do.

I can hear you now typing from the front seat of your Chevrolet Silverado that oh yeah trucks and SUVs get better fuel economy these days, but over here at Jalopnik we’re busily doing the math on exactly how that efficiency-versus-cost calculation works out in the real world. Stay tuned for some interesting figures in an upcoming feature.