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The continuing horror that is Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton’s music career: he has forced Drake, Pharrell, and Timbaland to listen to his upcoming song about his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.


Scherzinger, who was in that one band that one time, broke up with Hamilton after a seven year one again off again relationship. This inspired Hamilton to pen a new song about her. How did he do it? Here’s what he said to BT Sport, as Hello! Magazine reports.

I actually built the studio in my house for someone else and ended up using it. I built it so we could be in the same place all the time… but now I use it all the time instead.


That is indeed sad.

Rather than listen to his music once and then destroy it, Lewis plans to subject the world to its terror. He started big.

I have played it for Pharrell Williams as well as Timbaland and Drake because I want feedback from as many people as possible.

Please keep Drake, Pharrell, and Timbaland in your prayers.

#TeamLH #Blessed

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