Official Gumball 3000 Update: Crash Details

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Well, looks like Team Polizei has the scoop on the details — the who's, the what's, the why's and the other stuff — of the crash reported on early this morning. We've now received confirmation the purple Lambo in the accident was a part of the "Flash" team and the white Murcielago involved is still able to carry on, despite getting the snot kicked out of it. All this and a side-trip o the Former Socialist Republic of Burma after the jump. And oh yeah, we got more pictures below — but remember to keep checking our Gumball 3000 page for more exclusive updates of the race — and remember they'll be here in the US shortly!

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Thursday, 4 May 2006

14:54:15 / 2:54:15 p.m. (G.M.T.)

It is now confirmed that the purple Lamborghini involved in the accident in Thailand was of the "Flash" Team. The white Murcielago involved was able to continue the rally with its damage. On the other hand, the purple Murcielago Roadster looks to be totaled after hitting a tree at a high rate of speed. Luckily their were no injuries.


Running in the middle of the pack as previously planned, Team Polizei received damage to their Bentley after running over debris in the roadway from the Lamborghini accident. The Bentley began to immediately leak oil so Ross&Roy made the decision to pull over. The Team remained on the side of the road for two hours examining the extent of the damage. It was decided that the Team would continue at a "limp" speed.

In order to take advantage of their opportunity to drive freely in Thailand, Ross&Roy decided to take a side trip on their way up to Bangkok. Team Polizei made an unexpected stop to the Former Socialist Republic of Burma. Ross and Roy made it to the border where they were greeted by military soldiers who were confused to see a Bentley Police car. Ross and Roy, acting as representatives of Gumball, make the acquaintance of the border crossing agents. They spoke for a few minutes, took some pictures, handing out Team Polizei hats and shirts, and then stole some military border documents to prove their story. Continuing at a very slow pace to Bangkok, Team Polizei was astonished to find out they made it to the final checkpoint in Thailand in 18th place, even with their little side adventure. The Bentley is currently receiving repairs from Bentley of Bangkok mechanics.


Team Polizei would also like to congratulate the stage winner today, Team COT7ON. Alex wanted to also mention that this team deserves a lot of credit for their amazing driving.

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